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Foods To Avoid

These Foods are Best Avoided at This Time



 Avoid dry, cold, rough, harder to digest, heavy, clogging, fermented foods and pungent (spicy) tastes. At least minimize these, but best to just avoid. These factors for various reasons aggravate mother and/or infant digestion, slow mom’s rejuvenation & can accumulate into colic. Some are more bothersome than others. Rushed or irritated atmosphere in cooking, serving, and eating also weakens digestion, hence maternal/infant stomach discomfort.


Most of us know about these – Coffee, sodas, chocolate, alcohol, garlic (dry, raw, or undercooked); onion, radish, chilies, cabbage family.


Cold Foods and Drinks – ice cream, salads and chilled foods and drinks in general.


Heavies – such as red meats and fermented cheeses, cold homogenized and pasteurized non-organic milk, sour cream, yogurt, lotsa nuts, eggs, and fried foods (sauté is ok).



Dried foods – Rule of thumb is those obviously taking moisture out of the system to digest, like dried fruits, crackers, & toast! These & rough dryer grains (millet, brown rice, corn, buckwheat) can be hard on your fragile digestion. White potatoes as well as drying, bitter, and astringent herbs (even frequent chamomile, red zinger and red raspberry). Watch out for the legumes, heavy gas producers.  2 – 3 cups of strong Sage or Turmeric tea is extreme enough to be used by midwives to dry up lactation.  Balance with oil, moist, sweet, sour, salty tastes and influences if you can't avoid. Dried fruits can be taken if hydrated (like stewed fruit w/spices & liquid)



Tomatoes, Peas, Peppers, Sprouts, Salads.

Easy also on Leafy Greens first weeks, and other bitter/astringent food. Greens are so high in iron and bone flexibility minerals (especially the stems for the latter), that I suggest you include them after 10 to 14 days. Balance them with oiliness, salt, fennel, cumin, caraway, dill, and ginger or roasted garlic or hing, lime, and some sweeter vegetable.



Milk, Cream with Sour, Salty, or Astringent tastes – Milk/cream digests best boiled (simplifies protein molecule), ok with grains, puddings or sweet fruit, not with main meals.  Enjoy warm with favorite sweetener and ginger, cardamom, cinnimon and/or saffron type spices.



Fermented Foods – Such as Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Pickles, Tempeh, Miso, most Cheeses, Mushrooms.  Both easy and hard to digest foods, as well as leftovers, after about 6 hours, point is degenerative energetics.  Make enough for just lunch and dinner for the family.



Cooking with Honey is proven to create mildly toxic accumulations over time in the body channels.  Raw or drink-ably warm is fine if you like it.


Leavenings – Yeast, Baking Powder and Soda are somewhat of a strain on Mom’s rejuvenation & digestion.