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Birth Doula FAQ

 What is a doula?


Doula is a Greek word for a Woman who helps women. She offers natural motherly and practical physical and emotional support.  She often has had training and certification for her work. She may be a birth and/or a postpartum doula, or even serve pregnant women on bed rest or at other times in their lives when they need basic help at home due to some handicap.



 What is a birth doula?


Some of our AyurDoulas are also birth doulas. Certified doulas have taken at least 2 – 3 days training and done their practicum requirements to receive their credential, usually from DONA or CAPPA. A birth doula begins by providing information about your birth options and assisting with writing your birth plan. If you feel comfortable with her, she becomes your professional labor assistant offering physical and emotional support through labor. She is not a midwife, but your personal assistant through the birth.


    * We usually meet 2 or 3 times before the birth.

    * We can help ease your transition from home to hospital.

    * We are trained to provide comfort measures to ease and deal with pain.

    * We will stay by your side throughout your labor and birth as desired.

    * We can assist or relieve your spouse or companion in their role.

    * Research also shows a more positive birth experience, and mothers and babies bond better.

    * We come to your home about a week after the birth for a follow-up visit.



 How do I know it will be worth the extra expense?


Having a Birth Doula has been statistically measured to offer the following:


    * 60% Reduction in Epidural requests

    * 50% Reduction in Cesarean Rate

    * 40% Reduction in Oxytocin Use

    * 40% Reduction in Forceps Delivery

    * 30% Reduction in Use of Analgesia

    * 25% Shorter Labor



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