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"I was two months from 44 when I had my son (first child). During my six weeks of postpartum I experienced virtually none of the problems that I heard about, fatigue, depression, frustration and over-whelmedness of being a new mother. I believe that the results of the Ayurvedic Mother and Baby Program are phenomenal. I would highly recommend this program for mothers of any age, and I feel it is a necessity for older mothers.”  -- Portia, School Teacher


“After an extremely difficult labor and delivery complication, this gentle and rejuvenating program was a real blessing. The fatigue and strain melted away with the massage, foods, essential oils, and herbs. This program allowed me to become the mother I wanted to be – rested, energetic, loving, and flexible.”    -- Marie, Meditation Teacher.


"With my first baby I was depressed for months and had difficulty sleeping even when I had the time.  I didn’t feel clear or energetic, and my immune system was also low for over a year. I was exhausted for a long time. But with my second baby, because of the Maharishi Ayur-Ved Mother and Baby Program, I feel normal and clear. The herbs and massage make all the difference for my ability to rest well and mother well. And the food is so delicious! I am learning new cooking methods and recipes.” -- Lynn, College Placement Counselor


“The benefits far outweigh the time spent. If the infant massage is done the way you’re shown, you will be surprised how easy it is.”  -- Carolyn, Executive


“At 6 weeks postpartum I was looking at the pills in my medicine cabinet and wondering how many it would take. I’ve been a recovering alcoholic for 15 years, and I knew I needed to find help. With less than 6 days of concentrated care I felt so much better; the memory of the previous week was like years had passed. My doulas gave me daily a deeply soothing warm oil Ayurvedic massage and applied organic essential oils which really turned my emotions around. Their consulting doctor, an Ayurvedic physician and MD, designed a special herbal formula suitable for my liver damage. They cooked delicious, specially designed meals for me and my family. They also educated my family and friends and helped me create and accept a supportive network. At six months postpartum, I am very healthy and happy, living a normal life.”-- Colorado Mother


“Taylor’s legs and back are so strong. I feel his daily oil massage is nourishing to him, even on the level of his bones. He loves having it done. He gets so excited and starts moving his arms and legs like a motorboat. He lies and waits contently while I do my self massage, and he’s happy because he knows he’s next.” -- Stacey, Sculptor


“When my baby’s tummy was so upset, the advice and essential oils offered made SUCH a difference. I would just cry when I couldn’t do anything about it, my heart ached so to hear my baby crying in pain for hours.”  -- Michelle, Prenatal Massage Instructor


“I see such a difference during postpartum in those women who have this program. I’ve had mothers who looked better day one with this program than they did during their entire pregnancy!”  -- Carolyn, Registered Midwife


 “The mother’s massage is deeply settling. I had someone else do a massage last week, but I am so sensitive, the firmer style caused my bleeding to pick up. I had forgotten how wonderful this program is!” -- Ginger, Wife of Ayurvedic Physician


"My bowels used to move once or twice a week, and I had tried everything. I was so sure it was impossible to change, I argued with my AyurDoula about it. Within a day of starting the massage, essential oils, herbs, and delicious suitable meals, my body responded. I sleep much better, and the Mother and Baby Program has made such a difference for me with both of my babies in my ability to mother.” -- Handicapped Program Administrator


"This program is soothing, rejuvenating, and makes me feel happy and confident in what I’m doing. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t call you – my body is responding deeply and powerfully to this.” -- Ann, First Time Mother


“I couldn’t afford the in home doula care services, so I bought the book and learned how to do self massage. Ysha called me a month before I was due and organized a Blessing Way party. I didn’t think I needed a baby shower as I still had clothes from my first baby. There was such wonderful sharing, feelings, and community created. My friends organized meals, child care, dishes, laundry and errands, and gave me several massages, as well as a gift of 3 days of the AyurDoula massage. I never would have asked!”-- Volleyball Pro


“I was overweight when I started the program and now I actually weigh less than before I became pregnant – without “dieting”!”  -- Laurie, Investment Professional


"I found after taking one of the herbal preparations that I had a soothing and calm feeling.  This is very important because for a tired mother, little, little problems get blown into big ones and the herbs help to pacify that worry. Being advised on my personal diet helped me a lot because it’s very difficult to know what will be good for you and your baby. I felt very safe, satisfied, and happy.” --Iowa Mother


“It makes me feel so secure and free. I’m not at all worried about being exhausted or fatigued after having my baby. It takes away the element of fear. Just knowing that I’ll be having 6 weeks of the Mother & Baby Program gives me confidence that I’ll be cared for and have that support so that I can really enjoy the baby.”  -- Annie, England.


The above are representative of the many wonderful results we have seen since this program was first introduced to the western continents in 1985.





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